GuestRooms | Ise-Shima Ryokan HIOGISO : Inn is made from Japanese cypress.
Come and recover from the fatigue of your journey in our open-air Japanese cypress bath.



We keep things as simple as possible at Hiogiso in order to value the surrounding nature and the beauty of the forest and bay.

The rooms are built and decorated in keeping with a Japanese tradition that seeks to adapt and fit into the natural environment.

All our rooms have traditional futon on a tatami floor.

All our rooms are equipped with:
Yukata (a light cotton kimono)
Bath and face towels
Private Toilets
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This is a newly opened villa for our customers who stay with their pets or without ones.
Looking out from its large windows at the stars twinkling in a beautiful night sky, what kind of stories are you dreaming about? Two large tatami bed spaces and a cozy tatami room, which can accommodate 9 people are featured the villa. There also is a mezzanine style dinning space with an integrated kitchen for those who like to fix their own meals. The house called ‘Hilltop Villa’ is quietly located away from our restaurants, large Hinoki public baths and fishing piers. You can park a car in a large carriage porch where you get on and off without getting wet.

Warabian (14 tatami mat room + room with 2 beds)

Warabian (14 tatami mat room + room with 2 beds)

A spacious Japanese-style room and a room with two comfortable semi-double beds.
The gentle slope following the entrance of the room makes it easy for those who need help to get in and out.
[This room has a private shower.]

Room with Ago Bay view: most popular room in Hiogiso

room with Ago Bay view most popular room in Hiogiso

Facing Ago Bay you could reach the water from the window.
In the morning you could also see a beautiful sunrise from the window.

Room with attic: 2nd floor of Onsen House (East building)

room with attic 2nd floor of Onsen building (East building)

The most popular room for children: Japanese-style room with spacious tatami mat attic.

Room for budget-minded traveller(room with natural forest view)

room for budget-minded traveller(room with natural forest view)

Standard Japanese style room: From 10 to 12-tatami-mat room with toilet and washbasin that accommodates up to 4 to 5 people.

pet-friendly room

pet-friendly room

Japanese-style room where you can stay with your dog(s). Pet fee is 2,000 JPN per dog.
You can have meals with your dog(s) in your room. Extra charge (2,000 JPN per person)is required.